Volunteer Opportunities
 Do you often wonder how you can help a rescue and how to make a difference in a dog's life without the commitment? 
Guess what? There are a number of ways the community can help out and pull together. We may be small but with your help we can grow!
1.  Transportation:  We need drivers to help transport our dogs and puppies safely to and from adoption events, veterinary and grooming appointments, training classes, new homes, and/or pull a dog from a bad situation.
2.  Adoption Events:  We need people to help set up tables and crates, interact with potential adopters. provide relief for handlers, & help break down at the end of events. The more help we get the better the outcome of these events.

​​3.  Event Handler;​  Sometimes due to schedulng or having more than one foster dogs our foster parents can't always bring their foster dogs to our events. We need extra handlers in these situations to hold a leash and show off adoptable dogs. The more events the dogs go to the more people they see to help them find their furever home. Please consider volunteering to be a handler for future events. A couple hours of your time can help change a dogs life forever. 

​4.  Deliver & Pick Up;  Often we get donations such as food and toys that may need a little extra hand to get back to our rescue. We need people willing to either pick up or meet half way to accept the donations and deliver them.

5. ​Special Talent;  ​Can you volunteer to  bake, sew, make candy, make any handcrafted items to be offered to sell at events and fundraisers? This helps raise funds for the maintenence and medical care of our foster dogs.

6. Photographer:  ​"I am ready for my closeup" Just like human models adoptable dogs can really benefit from the expert eye a photographer can bring. Good pictures help get a dog adopted quicker and increase inquiries about dogs that need homes.

7. Venues: ​Do you own a business or have access to a location where we can bring some of our adoptable dogs to be seen by the public and/or have a fundraiser? Small and Family business owners and Corporation business managers are hard working people that don't always have time to hold a leash or set up a tent but allowing us to come to their location and have an event is wonderfully generous and helpful.
“The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.”
Johnny Depp